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How your company can save up to $75,000 in NSW Workers
compensation premiums and more!

Workactive P/L has been accredited as a 15% Premium discount advisor(#273) by NSW WorkCover NSW. This is the highest rating available. Our approved advisors can show you how you may be able to save up to $75,000 per year of your Workers compensation insurance premiums under this new scheme, which commenced on 30th June 2001 in NSW.

What is PDS: Is it a scheme implemented by Workcover NSW to reward employers who choose to implement measurable occupational health and safety and injury management systems (“OHS & IM”). The discount for the premium releases the employer’s funds to pay for those systems.

The Scheme is voluntary - employers can choose whether or not to participate in it. The PDS is an ongoing scheme for employers with a NSW workers compensation policy. The only employers who can't participate in the PDS are:

  • employers who only pay the statutory minimum premium (currently $120p.a.)
  • employers whose workers compensation policies are with specialised insurers
  • self-insurers and
  • employers with a domestic workers compensation policy only.

Discounts are available for 3 years for any individual employer.

An employer will receive ongoing benefits through:

  • the savings they will receive from fewer future claims by having a safer workplace and
  • better management of those claims that do occur.


For more information or to make an appointment contact us:
Email: premiumdiscount@workactive.net
Phone: 9829 1423
Fax: 9829 1454

More information is available from: Workcover

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