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The Workactive Exercise Rehabilitation Program is a twelve week program consisting of six weeks fully supervised and six weeks partially supervised exercise. The program commences with an assessment and report by the Physiotherapist and the client is then reviewed three weeks by the Physiotherapist and the Exercise Physiologist. The goal is to achieve a lasting, cost effective rehabilitation from injury, and to facilitate the transition between injury treatment and return to work.

functional restoration

  • The Workactive program includes the use of modern gym apparatus for strengthening and also incorporates the widely acclaimed Pilates exercise system.
  • This consists of guided exercise with a focus on breathing, concentration, abdominal control, postural awareness and relaxation.
  • The emphasis is not only on the type of exercise but on the sequence of exercise and the quality of movement.
  • This helps to restore normal function as well as promote both physical and mental well being.


  • One of the most important aspects of successful rehabilitation is the progression of exercise.
  • Depending on the client's physical capacity, they may commence on either one of three levels of resistance exercise: 1. Easy 2. Moderate 3.Work Hardening.
  • Their progress is monitored by both the Physiotherapist and the Exercise Physiologist. As the client's physical capacity improves, they may be progressed to the next level of difficulty.
  • Level three is the advanced level that also incorporates specific Work Hardening. This may include on site training.
  • The advantage of this progression is that it helps to motivate th injured person as they progress from one level to the next. It also assists in communication of the injured person's status to others involved in their rehabilitation.

the team

  • Physiotherapist
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • In consultation with the treating doctor or referring specialist

the facility

  • We use safe modern facilities offering Hydrotherapy and Gymnasium
  • Alternatively, we are able to offer the program at gyms located closer to the client's home or workplace

the program

  • The focus from the outset is on the client's mobility and physical capacity.
  • Following a pre-exercise participation questionnaire, an individual Workactive exercise program is designed. The emphasis is on active rehabilitation.
  • The Workactive program is based on the principles of sports injury rehabilitation. These include cardiovascular fitness to prevent deconditioning along with specific endurance strength flexibility and co-ordination retraining.
  • A Workactive exercise program is always preceded by a warm up and followed by a cool down. The latter includes a relaxation component.
  • Where levels of pain inhibit gym exercise, Hydrotherapy may be recommended prior to commencement of the Workactive program.


  • Workactive is a twelve week program consisting of six weeks fully supervised and six weeks unsupervised exercise. The program is reviewed every three weeks by the Exercise Physiologist and the Physiotherapist.
  • Following each review the Physiotherapist and the Exercise Physiologist reports are forwarded to the parties involved in rehabilitation. As required, the Client's program may be extended for more than twelve weeks. This is done in consultation with the relevant parties.


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